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Change the shape of your body with liposuction combined with lifts, fat transfers and/or implants. Whether it is excess skin after weight loss or loss of breast, face or buttock volume, there are multiple procedures, ranging from non-invasive to minimally invasive to traditional surgery, used to give you the best and most youthful contour. After all, you should treat yourself to the body you deserve.


Although the last decade has seen the development of new and improved types of liposuction machines including SmartLipo®, Vaser® (ultrasonic), and Body-Jet®, all liposuction includes the actual aspiration of fat cells. The difference between the modalities is what is done to the fat cells prior to suctioning them out by means of hollow tubes called ’cannulae’.

For example, SmartLipo®, and many other types of laser liposuction, actually uses very small lasers tuned to different wavelengths to preferentially melt fat cells in the desired area, while leaving nerves and blood vessels in the area intact. Depending upon the type of laser, heating of the skin in the area also stimulates new collagen growth, possibly aiding in eventual skin tightening after liposuction. Vaser®, an ultrasound aided liposuction, uses thin ultrasound probes vibrating at high frequency to break up fat cells, causing the fat to liquefy pour out of the ruptured cells. Again this technology focuses on the actual fat deposits while minimizing injury to nerves and blood vessels in the area..

One of the newest technologies in the United States is the Body-Jet®; this technology uses a pulse of water to fracture fat cells apart while simultaneously sucking the fragmented cells out of the area, again sparing blood vessels and nerves in the area. All of these technologies have their strong points, and all of them have essentially removed the bleeding, bruising and injuries to surrounding tissues possible with the original liposuction technology. We at Avanti are experts in all of these technologies, and can advise you as to the best possible option for you. 

Abdominoplasty or ’Tummy Tuck’

When the major muscles of the abdomen (the rectus abdominus muscles) drift apart from pregnancies weight loss or just plain age and genetics, your doctor may recommend an abdominoplasty, where any excess skin and fat are cut off, and those muscles are tightened back up with permanent sutures to restore the flat abdomen of youth. Additionally, depending upon how much extra skin is present, the naval (belly button) will usually have to be moved back up into its original height and contour. Dr. Barone usually uses liposuction to contour the hips, waistline and ’champagne flute’ to provide a more natural and chiseled recontouring of the abdomen.

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Tummy Tuck Tummy Tuck
Tummy Tuck Tummy Tuck
Tummy Tuck Tummy Tuck

Mini Tummy Tuck

This is used after weight loss or large liposuctions to get rid of extra skin that is simply too stretched out or loose to completely flatten or tighten up after the fat is gone. There is no plication or sewing together/tightening of the abdominal muscles.

Dr. Barone uses this frequently for patients who require multiple or ’staged ’ liposuctions and/or medical weight loss. This is also performed after bariatric surgery in patients who had stomach surgery or ’lap bands ’ to lose large amounts of weight and are then left with large amounts of empty, hanging skin.

Arm Lift (Brachioplasty)

Large weight losses, aging or simple genetics can lead to arms that are either too large or too loose and may even not fit well into long-sleeved clothing. Dr. Barone has significant experience not only in bariatric patients (massive weight loss patients, either surgical or medical), but also in normal aging patients with a genetic predisposition to large arms.

Like many bariatric plastic surgeons, Dr. Barone often ’stages’ procedures in various body lifts. By liposuctioning large arms first, the natural tendency of the skin to shrink to some extent after liposuctioning can often allow for a much shorter scar from the actual armlift when performed later, as a planned second stage.

Labiaplasty / Mons Reduction

Trauma or genetics can lead to labia that are larger or laxer than the norm, or a mons pubis that is more evident in tight fitting clothing such as swimsuits or leotards. Dr. Barone has performed multiple mons and labia remodellings, often with simple sedation and local anesthetic. Do not hesitate to ask for guidance on these potentially embarrassing, but common and easily remedied conditions.


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