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Depending upon our genes and age, as well as weight loss, weight gain, and pregnancy, the skin of our breasts tends to loosen and sag with age, leading to low hanging breasts, downward pointing nipples, or even that ’softball in a gym sock’ look. Some of us simply have too much of a good thing, contributing to chronic back and neck pain, difficulty in finding well-fitting bras and clothes, and impairing our ability to exercise or even feel good about ourselves. Breast lifts and reductions reduce the extra skin and lift the nipples to a higher, more aesthetic position, as well as taking off excess breast tissue and fat when necessary (breast reduction).

Dr. Barone uses minimal scar techniques and sometimes even liposuction alone, depending upon patient needs and desires, to give each patient the best possible look for her size and age. Sometimes, especially after pregnancy, patients actually need a lift with a breast implant to achieve the higher, firmer breasts of youth. This is often part of a ’mommy makeover’ for women who are finished with childbearing and wish for a flatter, tighter stomach (abdominoplasty) along with the higher, firmer breasts of youth (augmentation or augmentation with lift).

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Breasts Breasts

Breast Augmentation

Many women wish to have fuller and rounder breasts and elect to have either saline or silicone gel implants placed in their breasts. Each type of implant has its advantages, and Dr. Barone will discuss these with you. The latest silicone gel implants, ’gummy bear’ or cohesive implants, have the advantage of being softer and more natural feeling, while eliminating the leaking or loose bits of silicone gel of the older implants.

Dr. Barone will also discuss which approach is best for you: over the muscle or under the muscle, around the nipple, under the breast fold or in the armpit. This allows you to make the most informed decision for your goals. Many patients also have the option of using fat liposuctioned from other areas to augment their breasts. This is obviously the most natural option of all, making your problem areas smaller while making your breasts larger. Dr. Barone will tell you if you are a candidate for this fat transfer or fat grafting breast augmentation. 

Before & After Photos
Actual Patient Photos

Breasts Breasts
Breasts Breasts
Breasts Breasts
Breasts Breasts

Breast Reconstruction

Sometimes because of cancer, injury or simple genetics, one or both breasts must be reconstructed. This can be done with implants, by moving flaps of muscle and fat from another area of the body to the breast, or by grafting fat suctioned from other areas. Dr. Barone will evaluate your needs and options to design the best surgery for you.

Male Breast Reduction

Many men have some degree of breast enlargement (gynecomastia) during puberty. However, some men retain the gynecomastia long after puberty and suffer great embarrassment at the gym or the beach. Other men suffer some degree of gynecomastia later in life due to certain prescription medications or because of marijuana or steroid use. Hormonal or liver dysfunction can also cause male breast enlargement.

Whatever the reason, one session of liposuction will often relieve the condition without major surgery or large incisions. In cases of large, pendulous breasts, skin resection may be required. Dr. Barone will work with you to design the smallest, least conspicuous scar possible, either with the initial procedure or after the natural skin shrinkage from the liposuction has occurred.

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