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Tampa Liposuction services in the last decade has seen the development of new and fantastic improvements in liposuction machines including SmartLipo®, Vaser® (ultrasonic), and Body-Jet®, and Avanti Aesthetics in Tampa is the practice to bring you the latest technologies in permanent fat removal. We will make your body a work of art!

For example, Using ultrasound, Vaser® is the technology that gave us “High-def Abs”, commonly known as six-pack abs. It is great for removal of larger amounts of fat and to tighten skin. In addition to Vaser®, we sometimes find it beneficial to add Smartlipo®, which uses lasers to achieve additional tightening of the skin. Smartlipo® alone is very good for sculpting smaller areas. Body-Jet® technology uses a pulse of water to dislodge fat cells, sparing blood vessels and nerves in the area. We love this technology when looking to remove whole living fat cells for transplant to a different location such as the face, achieving the new Madonna face lift.

All of these technologies have essentially removed the bleeding, bruising and injuries to surrounding tissues common to the original liposuction technology. Each has its strong points; in many cases we find ourselves using one, two or even all three to get the optimum results. Now let’s make your body a work of art!

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